Having created my first online store in 2001, I now concentrate on creating websites for other organisations.
Essentially, I work with the client to understand their needs, craft a plan, build a preliminary website structure, populate it with images and text as supplied by the client, providing any additional material, as required. My camera is always at the ready. The website is then refined and reworked until the style and substance are both completely up to scratch.
Once everyone is happy, the site is launched for all to see, and the reins handed over to the client, if they so wish. Full post launch support is offered - for queries, advice, together with minor and major modifications.

website development

Website Development


Design and build of bespoke websites, aiming for a ergonomic and harmonious design using strong content and punchy, appropriate pictures. Organisation of hosting, domain names and email. Setting up SEO. Cost effective.

Responsive Design


Allows a website to be viewed on a smaller screen such as a smartphone, mobile phone or tablet without changing its original design elements.



Creation of ecommerce websites. And more. Being involved in the day-to-day running of online stores, I understand how an ecommerce website needs to perform, from the front-end, the back-end & the integrated functions. And crucially how it needs to present itself to the outside world. 

Web Images


Stunning visuals are key. From original product photos, to sourcing the right icons and graphics.

Packshot product images, with a uniform background - edited, retouched and formatted as required, can be provided. Along with publicity shots.PicMonkey Overlay

additional services

Web Marketing & Print Design


Design of marketing materials, such as posters, flyers, presentation packs, including graphic design.

Webmarketing, web analytics and SEO. Email campaigns and Newsletters. Blog creation and post writing. Integration with social media. Logo design.

Project Management


Organisation and planning the various phases of a web project.

Translation Services


From French to English.


   web sites, technical documentation, user guides,    client interfaces, blog posts, press releases,            newsletters, marketing material

Ongoing Support


Full post launch support, including coaching and advice, minor and major modifications. I am always happy to help.  

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